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Top quality rental property services

It's not easy to come into a home that has been rented to find it has been neglected. We can transform your house in to a home before your eyes, let our qualified staff turn things around from a bad experience to a good experience. Give us a call for a free quote.

Needs in Renting

There are different types of needs in renting, from the landlord needing to rent a house, condo or townhouse, or from someone needing a place to rent. Either way somebody will be moving in or moving out. As we all have different needs within our lives, some may need assistance with the cleaning and moving as well as maintaining the gardening around the house while others may want someone else to take care of it all together.

Cottage Rental

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Renter or Landlord

We at Open House Prep have a wide range of options for either the renter or landlord to choose from. We can take care of the packing, cleaning and gardening at a fair price. Our friendly and professional staff are capable to take care of all your household chores indoors and out. Whether you wish for our services as a one-time thing or you wish for us to maintain the cleaning of your home and the gardening. Our staff is here to serve your wants and your needs to keep your home squeaky clean and your yard with the well-manicured look. Thus, giving you free time to spend with your family and friends.

Condo Rental

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