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Open house day services

We know that the day of your Open House is stressful enough as it is, we have assembled a team of proficient staff to take all your cares and concerns away. We have a staff that takes care of every detail in your home, so that you don't have to, everything on your personalized list will be taken care of, leave the rest to us.

Preparing for your Open House

There are two types of open houses.

One is to show your home to other agents, referred to as a Broker Open and the other open house to the public, which is referred to as a public open house. To prepare for either open house is the same, with one exception, when you have the open house for the broker is you serve food. There is a circuit of homes that broker's view weekly, which they have scheduled back to back. If you offer food however, they tend to have a bite to eat which allows them time to take a closer look at your home. Just ask your agent to provide the food, which works best.

A way to prepare for an open house is to give the illusion that every area of your home is larger than it really is. This however, takes a lot of preparation and work, which is where we come in. We take the stress out of getting your home ready for the open market. We have the tools, people and time to get the job done on time and every attention to detail will be ready for the specific date you require for your open house. All we need from you is to go over the checklist, give it back to us and we will take care of any repairs that you may find.

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The checklist is as follows:

  • * Clean out and organize all the closets, and cupboards and the kitchen pantry
  • * To make the rooms appear larger than they are, rearrange the furniture
  • * Stage each room to focus on one focal point, ie desk in office
  • * Clean the floors and carpets
  • * Wash the window frames and the windows, indoors and outdoors
  • * Clean the kitchen and bathrooms
  • * Clean the inside of the fireplace along with the screen
  • * Remove all odors in the house; pet, smoking, infant etc.
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Additional tasks to consider

  • * Purchase towels, shower curtains, throw rugs to coordinate each individual bathroom
  • * Purchase for the kitchen matching rugs and curtains
  • * Throw pillows for the beds in each bedroom
  • * Mood lighting for each room
  • * Remove electric and cable cords from sight
  • * Lock up all valuables and prescription medications
  • * The day of the open house remove your pet from your home
  • * On the day of the open house, vacate your home one hour before the open house and fifteen minutes after
  • * We will make sure your home is clean for the day of your open house
  • * Open the drapes in each room and stage the mood lighting for each room
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Food and Ambience ideas

Foods to avoid while showing the open house:

  • * Eggs (Deviled eggs are ok)
  • * Fish
  • * Milk
  • * Tree nuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts and almonds
  • * Peanuts
  • * Shellfish
  • * Soy
  • * Wheat
  • * Avoid all greasy foods (Has a tendency to leave marks on walls, doors, glass and furniture)
  • * Sauces and gravies
  • * Be light on the spices

Food to serve while showing the open house:

  • * Please note that showing the open house in the Hindu area to not serve beef, they do not eat beef
  • * Consider the community that you are showing the open house and serve the food according the area
  • * Consider creating food according to the ambience of the home
  • * Pair foods to music to enhance the ambience of the home
  • * Baked cookies have always been a hit, my homemade chocolate chip cookies is a staple in every open house. The cookie kit will be available for every home, to serve fresh cookies. Baked that morning, with the smell of chockolate chip cookies wafting through the rooms and a lingering scent that gives your home that warm homey feeling.


  • * Another perk to having the cookies, you can promote the cookies by saying the cookies have a mysterious ingredient and that there will be a prize for the person who guess's the answer. This will enable you to get the guest's contact information on the cards you provided.
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