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Top quality decluttering services

We all have our special little nick knack's that we put on our shelves and counters, however, to one person they are valuable memories to another they could be clutter, let us help you differentiate between too much and not enough.

Everything Has It's Place

You know how you walk in to a home and everything has its place, and then there's the home where you have so much stuff you don't know where to put things. Papers, boxes, toys, games, videos to name a few, seem to be strewn throughout the home. Then there's the home where a person has so many things in their home because they have an emotional attachment to the pictures and figurines that are placed delicately around their home. What is a person supposed to do when they don't have the heart to get rid of the special painting that Grandma painted or knitted that favorite blanket you can't seem to let go of..

Cluttered Kitchen

We at Open House Prep understand all of that, and we have put together a qualified team of expert staff to handle your special nick knacks with tender loving care. We can come in to your home and take the articles in your home and pack them away in a storage unit that we can safely store all your things you have saved over the years and don't have the heart to throw away or wish to pass on to your loved ones when you are ready. We can take the pressure off of not knowing what to do.

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It's Part of Staging

When you declutter a home, it's part of our staging process, to get your home ready for your Open House, so it looks bigger and more spacious than it actually is. It gives an illusion to the untrained eye and it helps to sell your home quickly. We would love to sit down and chat with you about what we do and how we do it.

Decuttered Kitchen

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